Rugley Farm has a mix of Beef, Sheep and Arable crops to optimize production on heavy soils that limit arable cropping. The arable is based on winter crops, which are suited to the heavy soil and are a mix of wheat, barley, oilseed rape and oats. A few spring oats are also grown to help the grass rotation and environmental schemes. Livestock production is from suckler cows and breeding ewes selling a mix of breeding stock, finished beef and lamb or meat ready for the consumer. At present three full time staff are employed with casual help at lambing and harvest.


The farming Policy has evolved over the years and is now centred on livestock breeding. All breeding aims have performance recording as the core, with breed qualities still very important.

The Cattle enterprises have changed over the years from a fattening system based on dairy bred calves to a suckler cow herd with less cattle fattened. The herd is based on Angus and Stabiliser Breeds to reduce labour requirements at calving time and allow a closed herd with all replacements bred at home.

The Sheep flocks are also performance recorded closed flocks, except for the blackfaced ewes. All Ewes are lambed indoors and grazed on a clean grazing system.