Pedigree Texels were first purchased in 1992 from Carlisle with others added privately, numbers have gradually increased to sell a pen of quality lambs at Kelso.

Selection is based on length, conformation and good ‘tight skins’, which have always been backed up with performance recording. Flock sires are either purchased or semen sourced from top performing rams to produce fast growing well-muscled sheep.

Recording includes the use of backfat and muscle scanning and sometimes the best lambs are CT scanned. Ewes lamb in March and April with lambs grass fed with no forage crops grown, with the aim to produce growth from grass.

Some ram lambs are used on cross bred ewes before being wintered on silage and summered back at grass then sold as shearlings at Kelso or privately on the farm, with an increased demand for high index rams.

In 2017 we have the 3rd and 4th highest performing ram lambs in the country. Both sired by Hightecs Yorick and from a stalwart female in the flock that we flushed. Please find links to Basco below.